Federal Prosecutors Ready to try Man Accused of Helping Terrorists

December 31,2005 - Posted at 5:05 p.m.CST

FAYETTEVILLE, AR -  In Fayetteville, federal prosecutors say they are ready to try a man accused of trying to help a foreign terrorist organization. They say they have provided all the required documents in a timely manner to lawyers for Arwah Jaber and are ready for trial as scheduled February 13th.

Jaber was indicted by a federal grand jury in August on charges of knowingly attempting to provide material support to a foreign terrorist organization. Prosecutors allege Jaber tried to join a Palestinian holy war. Jaber's attorneys have asked for a delay of his trial, saying they've had trouble getting material they need from the government to prepare. They say that, even if they had the information, theywouldn't have enough time to review it and that would jeopardize their client's right to due process and a fair trial. Jaber, who recently completed graduate work at the University of Arkansas, is free on bond pending his trial.