Alito Supporters Hit Arkansas Today

JANUARY 3, 2006 - Posted at 8:06 a.m. CST

LITTLE ROCK, AR - A group supporting President Bush's Supreme Court nominee begins its campaign today to tell Arkansans about Samuel Alito.  The Family Council Action Committee is having a news conference at the state Capitol to outline its 36-city tour of the state.  The group wants Arkansans to join in urging Senators Blanche Lincoln and Mark Pryor to confirm Alito.

The 55-year-old New Jersey native has been a federal appeals court judge for 15 years.  He is a strong conservative on the Philadelphia-based Third U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, a court with a reputation for being among the nation's most liberal.  Alito was appointed to the appeals court by President Bush's father, George H.W. Bush, in 1990.  If confirmed, Alito will be the fifth Catholic to serve on the U.S. Supreme Court.