Wildfires...Who do Rural Areas Turn to?

January 3, 2006 --Posted at 6:30 p.m. CST

Bono, AR-- The new year has brought over 100 wildfires in Arkansas, and it's keeping firemen busy.
But what about rural areas that rely on volunteers? Are they getting the same coverage? Travis Kimberling with the Bono Volunteer Fire Department, says even though they are volunteers, when the community needs them, they'll be there.
"We do it because it's like we're helping someone, it's like you're giving back to your community."
Rural fire departments like Bono, ban together when a call goes out. Just last night they responded to a fire with Sedgewick.
"We have our area we cover, but if we need help, someone else will be there. And if they need help, we'll be there."
Twenty volunteers make up the Bono Fire Department, and Travis has been there for six years. And in those years, he knows the community has recieved equal service as the cities who have paid firemen.
"We are lucky to have new equipment to get us out to these places, but that wouldn't be possible without all of the volunteers and our community. And it doesn't matter how small we are, or if we run off volunteers, we get the job done."
With over 50 counties in Arkansas now under a burn ban, Travis and his crew will probably have their work cut out for them. But they're ready.