Huckabee says Democrats Request a "Fishing Expedition"

JANUARY 4, 2006 - Posted at 8:14 a.m. CST

LITTLE ROCK, AR - Governor Huckabee says requests by the Democratic National Committee for state agency records on him amount to nothing more than "a fishing expedition."

A potential candidate for the Republican nomination for president, Huckabee says he is flattered by the records request, but says that fulfilling them would have cost the state thousands of dollars.  Surely, the governor says, the Democrats would rather the money be spent on education, health care and other public services.

At least eight state agencies received a Freedom of Information request for "any and all records" regarding Huckabee dating back to 1993, when he was lieutenant governor.

The FOI requests were denied by the Arkansas agencies primarily because state law says only Arkansas residents can file such requests with state agencies.

Huckabee's term ends in January 2007.  He has said he's thinking of a presidential run.

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