Bill Would Ban Sales of Cold Beer at Missouri Grocery, Convenience Stores

JANUARY 6, 2006 - Posted at 3:40 p.m. CST

JEFFERSON CITY, MO - A state lawmaker wants to raise the temperature of beer sold at grocery and convenience stores in Missouri.

Republican Senator Bill Alter of High Ridge thinks limiting sales of cold beer would cut down on drunken driving.

Alter has introduced a bill that would take away the liquor licenses of groceries and convenience stores that sold beer colder than 60 degrees.

Prospects for the measure seem lukewarm.  Other lawmakers and a convenience store trade group have come out against it.

Alter says the idea came from a Jefferson County fifth grader who took part in a program for elementary students about state government.

Last year, a fourth grade class submitted a proposal to make the American Bullfrog the state amphibian.

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