FFA Farm Auction held in Paragould

January 7, 2006 -- Posted at 2:20 p.m. CST 

PARAGOULD, AR -- If you're in the market for farm equipment of any kind Paragould was the place to be on Saturday.


The 33rd annual Green County Tech FFA Farm Auction was held to raise money for the organization.


FFA Advisor Terry Waits said, “We started this that many years ago in the seventies as a public service, more or less, for the community.”


Members of the community say this is one sale they never miss.


“We usually bring some items for this sale once a year.  It's probably one of the best sales in the state of Arkansas,” said Alan Brooks.


And to make it one of the best, members of the FFA put in a lot of hard work


“The kids will work from about Thanksgiving until the week after the sale is over... every day of the week,” said Amie Cole, an Agriculture teacher at Green County Tech.


It’s hard work that seems to pay off in the end.


“It's just a fundraiser... we're allowed one a year so we can go to activities such as A.L.C. and state convention.  It gives us some funding for other activities that we might do for the community throughout the year,” said FFA member Jimmy Williams.


“We help out the community by letting the farmers bring in the unwanted stuff that they don’t need and that they cannot use now,” said FFA member Whitney Hill, “And they help us by giving us the money that benefits our goal.”


“We receive a part of the commission that's sold with every item and then that money goes back to our FFA chapter,” said Cole.


FFA advisor Terry Waits says that this sale doesn't just benefit the students financially, “They learn a lot obviously about equipment, but they learn how to deal with the public… and I think that's really important in our job markets today.”


Waits says this is the biggest sale they have had so far.


The sale usually raises around 300 thousand dollars… and a portion of that will go to the GCT FFA.