Drivers Ed...Can You Pass the Test?

January 9, 2006 Posted at 2:30 p.m. CST

Jonesboro, AR-- It may have been a while since you've taken your driver's license test, so we want to give you a refresher course we like to call Driver's Ed 101.
Is it against the law to turn right on red? Answer: No, not in Arkansas, but don't get caught doing it in Tennessee. You might get a ticket.
Is there a law that says you have to pull over for the funeral procession? Answer: Apparently it's a southern thing, but there is no law. It's more of a courtesy act to pull over to the right and stop.
Can you get a ticket for flashing your lights to warn on coming drivers? Answer: No, in some cases. If it is high to low beam flashing, they probably won't stop you. But if you are turning them on and off, then yes, they will give you a citation for driving without headlights.
How fast can you go before you get a ticket? Answer: The speed limit is the limit, not a minimum. But according to Sgt. Steve McDaniel with the Jonesboro Police, it depends on the area you are in. They have a big problem with School Zones because many people think if there aren't kids in the crosswalk they don't have to go the limit on the sign. When school is in session, the sign applies.
So if there is a limit for fast driving, is there a limit for slow driving? Answer: That's also up to the officer's discretion. If the car is impeding traffic, or slowing down the normal flow of traffic, then they can recieve a citation. Slow moving vehicles such as tractors, animal-drawn vehicles, and roadway maintenance vehicles should have an orange triangle on the rear of their vehicle signaling they usually have to go 25 mph or less.
When it's a slow driver, can you still get a ticket for tailgating (following too close)? Answer: Yes. Although the car maybe going slow and impeding traffic, you still have to allow a four second distance between your vehicles. If you don't know how close you are, find a stationary object. When the car in front passes the object count to,... if you reach four before you pass the object, slow down and wait for a time to pass.

How many of those questions did you get right? These are all just a few items to remember on the roadways. If  you want to read up on the road rules, you can get a driver's test book at the Arkansas State Police Office here in Jonesboro.