Bono Police Chief Charged with Sexual Assault

January 12, 2006-- Posted at 11:35 pm
JONESBORO-- Bono is still in shock after Police Chief Rick Duhon is arrested.
Lips were sealed at the probable cause hearing for Chief Duhon.
"There's very little we can comment on at this stage when the trail is pending," Second Judicial District Prosecutor Brent Davis says.
But K-8 news received the probable cause affidavit today that says Duhon was arrested on the charge of 1st Degree Sexual Assault after a 14-year-old girl claimed she engaged in sexual intercourse with him.
She then claimed Duhon threatened her to keep quiet.
Bono Mayor L.M. Duncan says he was informed of Duhon's arrest by phone.
The mayor gave us his response to the news as he traveled to Little Rock...
"I first thought it was a joke. I thought somebody was joking with me. I was just shocked," Mayor Duncan says.
"The people in town were very shocked. They're not saying very much. You know, it was a big surprise for everybody," Duncan says.
The question now is Duhon's status as Bono's Police Chief...
"He's on administrative leave with pay right now until the investigation goes a little further and then we'll probably have to do something else," Duncan says.
Mayor Duncan says Bono police have extra officers on hand to serve in Duhon's absence, and he believes the chief is innocent...
"I'm kind of thinking he might've been framed. I don't know... I don't know what the evidence is. To me, it's just hard for me to believe he'd do something like that," Duncan says.
Duhon's court date is set for February 27th, and he's being held on a $75 thousand bond.