Bono Police Chief Confession?

January 13, 2006--Posted at 12:20 pm
JONESBORO-- Bono's Police Chief Rick Duhon was arrested and charged with sexual assault.
A 14-year-old-girl claims Duhon engaged in sexual intercourse with her.
Bono's mayor said today that he believes those accusations are untrue, but it seems Rick Duhon himself tells a different story.
Bono mayor L.M. Duncan showed his loyalty to Police Chief Rick Duhon today as he assumed his innocence...
"I'm kind of thinking he might've been framed. I don't know... I don't know what the evidence is. To me, it's just hard for me to believe he'd do something like that," Mayor Duncan says.
But what does Chief Duhon say about the charges? Today he said nothing...

But the probable cause affidavit obtained by K-8 news clearly states that Rick Duhon admitted that on the date of the incident which allegedly took place in late December, he asked a 14-year-old girl to ride with him in his squad car to give out Christmas baskets.

He said when they realized the baskets had already been given out, they returned to his home where he admits they did engage in sexual intercourse.
The affidavit also states that the girl drew a diagram of the layout of his home and gave a description of his bedroom.
The document mentions a witness, a law enforcement officer, who claimed he saw duhon and the girl in the car on the day of the offense.
Duhon was charged with 1st Degree Sexual Assault, and as for his status as police chief...
"He's on administrative leave with pay right now until the investigation goes a little further and then we'll probably have to do something else," Mayor Duncan says.
The mayor said that he wasn't aware of all of the details in this case, but he hopes the situation will be handled soon for the sake of the city.
"The people in town were very shocked. They're not saying very much. You know, it was a big suprise for everybody," Duncan says.
Duhon's court date is set for February 27th, and he's being held on a $75 thousand bond.