Cedar Ridge Board Gives the Ok to Move Forward

January 17, 2005 -- Posted at 9:50 a.m. CST

Newark, AR-- A four-day school week proposes to save Cedar Ridge School District 20% of their budget, but does the community feel it's the best way to save money?
Surveys offering positive and negative attributes for the parents to look over and give their review, were returned on Friday. The surveys were tallied and presented to the board in last night's School Board Meeting.
52% of the surveys turned in were for the 4-day week, and 47% were against it. The percentages were close, but the board felt the community is still unclear about the plan and what all it involves. The board decided to further their research with the community and gave the ok to move forward.
"We're not deciding anything yet. This involves the whole community, everybody. Our next step is to survey the teachers and staff to get their input, and if that's positive, then we'll hold town meetings and give the public a chance to speak and ask questions. If at any time this looks to be a bad decision, we'll drop it."
Board member, Mitch Sharp, continued to say a problem they are facing is if they decide to go with the 4-day week, some parents may choose to move their children to a different district.
"That's what these town meetings will be for. We want people to want to come to our district, not move away. So we'll do everything in our power to educate them and listen to their opinions."
Lisa Huff, an English teacher at Cedar Ridge, will now be taking over the project. She says this is a great way for her students to get involved and provides an authentic learning experience for the children. Her 11th grade AP English class will be designing the surveys and coordinating a discussion board website for questions and opinions from the community.
We will have updates on this story as they unfold.