What's on Facebook.com Could Come Back to Haunt You

January 19, 2006 -- Posted at 3:30 p.m.

Jonesboro, AR-- It's becoming more and more popular among teenagers and colleges students. www.facebook and www.myspace.com, are supposed to be a website used as a form of communication and a way to meet new friends. But what it's becoming could haunt students for the rest of their lives, and they're speaking out.

An ABC News Report revealed that faculty are using the website to check students' profiles. At the University of North Carolina, 4 students have been disciplined because of a picture showing underage drinking. We shared this with some Arkansas State students to see what they had to say and if they would change anything on their profile.

Jason McGarrh, a freshman, said he had already heard about it in class this morning, and thought it was an invasion of privacy. Just like Jason, Cierria and Jessica, both sophomores said they were under the impression it was members only. And it is, but anyone with a school email address can access their information, including faculty.

"So they can use it to determine internships and scholarships? That's not right. That's what we do in our personal life. They don't go into a fraternity house and see if we qualify for an internship then...why on facebook?"

Jason says he doesn't have anything he wouldn't want his parents to see on his profile, but a future employer is a different story.

"Most people try to find the craziest picture they have and stick it on there. It's really just all in fun."

But now like those at the University of North Carolina, students here could face consequences in the future.