E. Ritter & Co. Named Medium Business of the Year

January 19, 2006 – Posted at 5:33 p.m. CST
MARKED TREE, AR -- The Northeast Arkansas Business Today Journal honored local businesses during an awards ceremony earlier this week. The winner of the Medium-Business award is E. Ritter & Company based in Marked Tree, Arkansas.
The family owned organization that has stood the test of time. E. Ritter & Company started out as a general store 120 years ago. In 1906, they began providing telephone service in Marked Tree, and as they celebrate their centennial this year, they have another reason to be excited.
Winners of the Medium-Sized business of the year award, E. Ritter & Company are constantly evolving.
“The business has always been run as a business. We’ve always been flexible. If it looked like a business needed to be exited, we would do that,” said Ritter Arnold, President of the Ritter Agriculture Division.
Since its start in 1886, the Company has owned the Marked Tree Water Department, Electrical Generation System and been involved in the concrete and ice plant business. Today, they specialize in a combination of telecommunications and agribusiness.
“We're in the local telebusiness, we're in the internet access business and the cable TV business and we are also business integrator in Jonesboro. So if you can talk on it, and compute on it, we do it,” said Paul Wait, President of Ritter Communications.
And with interests in farm services, the company is ever changing. The company owns about 20,000 acres of farmland, which they lease.
“One ingredient to a successful business today is to realize that you can't do it all yourself. If you are going to be a success, you've got to have a lot of other very good people working with you,” said Arnold.
E. Ritter & Company employees 220 full time workers at their offices in Marked Tree and Jonesboro.