JPD Releases Video after Racial Profiling Complaint

January 20, 2006-- Posted at 11:30 pm
JONESBORO-- It was the day after Martin Luther King Jr's Birthday... A press conference was held with allegations of racial profiling leveled at Jonesboro Police Department.
20-year-old Jason King and Jonesboro Minister Adrian Rodgers alleged King was stopped simply because he was black during a robbery investigation.
The Jonesboro Police Chief says those allegations were unfounded, and the department released video that shows how the incident unfolded.
Even after the accusations were said to be unfounded, Dr. Adrian Rodgers, who was with Jason King on the day the allegations were announced, is sticking to his story.
"He was a black man walking to work. He was literally considered guilty because he was walking while black," Rodgers says.
On the day of the incident, however; the officer called to the scene actually passed King on the street before he arrived at a church where another officer confirmed the suspects description.
The officer, then got back in his car, turned around and headed back to pick up King who fit that description.
If you look closely, you can see king on left wearing black...
"They just pulled up and grabbed him... No explanation, no conversation, no anything," Rodgers says.
Actually, an explanation was caught on tape...

"I'm going to run you around here just a minute to our other officer, and I'll let you go if it's not you. We just chased three guys from right here," the officer said.

"I'm trying to get to work, man," Jason King said.
"I understand that... This won't take you long," said the officer.

The officer then returns to the church so he can confirm if King fits the description of the suspect.

"Hey, is this him," the officer asked?
"I don't even know what's going on. What's going on," King asked?
"Listen, I'm just checking... Why don't you just chill for a minute," the officer said.
After they were sure it wasn't him, King was released... Within four and a half minutes after he was picked up.