Ten Commandments Sculpture

Ten Commandments Sculpture

AURORA, Mo. (AP) _ Jim Luce of Aurora has survived three heart
attacks and a tornado, but the retired Missouri sculptor and
painter isn't content to count his blessings.

Instead, he's sculpting the Ten Commandments on limestone
tablets that tower 14 feet high on his southwest Missouri property.
The monuments together weigh about eleven tons.

Luce says he felt that God spared his life when a 2003 tornado
destroyed his house as he crouched in a hallway and he was
compelled to respond.

He started the last November and uses rusted chisels, hammers
and other tools to chip away at the monuments. He says it'll take
all year to complete.

He says his project isn't a political statement, but that he
hopes the sculptures will inspire people to embrace their message.