McCaskill-Talent Poll

January 22, 2006 - Posted at 1:24 p.m. CST

ST. LOUIS (AP) _ The election is ten months away, but a new poll
shows that Democratic state Auditor Claire McCaskill is virtually
tied with Republican U-S Senator Jim Talent, who she wants to

Research 2000's poll of 800 likely voters in Missouri shows that
47 percent preferred McCaskill, a Democrat, while 44 percent
favored Talent, a Republican. Nine percent were undecided.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch says today that McCaskill's
three-percentage-point edge over Talent isn't considered
significant because it's within the poll's margin of error.

The poll also shows that McCaskill had an eleven-point edge
among women. Talent had a five-point edge among men.

Among those polled, 50 percent viewed Talent favorably, compared
with 52 percent for McCaskill.

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