2005's Business Man of the Year Tells His Story

January 23, 2006 -- Posted at 4:20 p.m. CST

Jonesboro, AR -- North East Arkansas Business Today announced their Business Man of the Year, Bruce Burrow. We caught up with Bruce to find out what makes him stand out above the others.
The first thing he said, "I'm honored to be the Business Person of the Year, but I wouldn't be anything without my partners and staff. They work just as hard as I do, so it's not an individual award."
2005 proved to be a good year for Bruce and his companies, MBC Holdings, and Burrow Halsey Real Estate. You can see their signs up all over town, and it seems he has a hand in just about everything. But he says it's obvious why he won...the Mall at Turtle Creek.
"It's obvious why we got the award, the mall. I wouldn't have gotten it without that mall. But we're proud of it, and proud to bring it to Jonesboro."
The Mall, scheduled to open March 29th, has 107 tenants committed. Target and JC Penneys both had remarkable sales since they opened, and Burrow says this is a much anticipated mall.
But Bruce Burrow is more than just a business man here in Jonesboro. He and his partner Marty Belz helped reconstruct a synagogue in Cuba with the help of Fidel Castro's Foundation, and says not everyone gets the opportunity to do something in Cuba. He feels blessed to have been there.
He has an office full of amazing memorabilia, but says his real pride is right here in Jonesboro with his wife Sherry and his work on the mall.
"I'm still the same man I was 20 years ago before the mall. I hope people know where my heart is, it's in this city, and I'm honored to be here."