Piggott Community Hospital Opens New Wing

January 24, 2006 -- Posted at 5:45 p.m. CST


PIGGOTT, AR -- ThePiggott Community Hospital opens the newest addition to its hospital: a new wing.


The new wing features an emergency room and outpatient service center. 


Tuesday is the first day that doctors, nurses, and patients were able to use the new facility.


“We just completed the addition, which is an 8,500 square foot addition,” said Piggott Community Hospital Administrator, James Magee.


The staff and patients at the hospital have needed the new facility for a long time.


“The space that our old emergency room occupied is about 600 square feet and our new addition is approximately 4,000 square feet,” said Magee.


The new space features five new emergency triage rooms in addition to the outpatient services center; all featuring the best equipment in the industry.


“We actually have new equipment… state of the art equipment… for all the emergency rooms,” said Magee.


Nurse Practitioner Tonney Dement is the Director of Clinical Services for the hospital.  She says the she and the staff are very happy the addition is now open and ready for use.


“I'm very excited about it.  It's going to be a great opportunity for the community, for the families, our patients, and our employees,” said Dement.


“It's going to be quite a change for our doctors and our staff and obviously much more privacy and convenience for the patients,” said Magee.


There is a private entrance in one of the five emergency rooms in the new wing because it also serves as a decontamination room, something the hospital didn't have before.


The Piggott Community Hospital is city owned.   


Administrator James Magee says that the mayor and city council of Piggott are very supportive of the hospital and its staff. 


He attributes the hospital's success over the years to city leaders as well as the community.


The new wing is funded by a loan from the United States Department of Agriculture from its rural development service.


No new taxes were implemented for members of the Piggott community to help fund the facility.