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Jonesboro, AR--Brett Garrett Reports

Fire Department Gets New Toys

January 24, 2006 -- Posted at 6:07 p.m. CST

JONESBOROR, AR-- The city treasurer last night cut a check for over a million dollars to buy the city two new fire trucks. It's a gift from the city that the Jonesboro Fire Department is thrilled to have.

"We have received two pieces of equipment, one is a 100 foot platform truck and the other is a 75 foot ladder truck," said Kevin Miller Jonesboro Fire Department Division Chief of Training.

Two modern upgrades that were desperately needed for a department dependent on older trucks. And just like you may feel uneasy driving an older model car, so to was the feeling of the Jonesboro Fire Department using older trucks.

"The two trucks we took out of service to replace these two one was an 1986 model and the other was a 1993 model so that tells you how much of an update in technology we are going to have with these two," said Captain Derrick Elrod of the Jonesboro Fire Department.

Upgrades in technology that will not only decrease response times but also better equip the department to an ever changing area.

"These are very important to the city of Jonesboro, this city has continued to develop and grow and the buildings are not only growing in number they are growing in size," said Miller.

One of the major benefits to this new truck is the fact that it is a longer ladder with a bucket at the end this will allow the fire department more maneuverability and more access to hard to reach spots.

"This platform truck will gives us the huge advantage that we can have multiple people operating inside of the platform it's a lot safer than just working off the end of a ladder," said Miller.

Tuesday the Jonesboro Fire Department got hands on training from the manufacturer before their newest flagship hit the streets.

"The guys are going through a lot of training today to be able to learn all of the procedures and over the next couple weeks we will be doing a lot of hands on training," said Miller.

Training and equipment that the Jonesboro Fire Department hopes to quickly implement.

"As long as we feel everyone is competent and comfortable with that these trucks are going into service and if our time table holds up they will be going into service today," said Miller.

The combined cost for the 100 foot platform truck and the 75 foot ladder truck was 1 point 2 million dollars.  

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