5 Year Old Passes Out Drugs At School

January 25, 2006--Posted at 6:55 p.m. CST

WEST MEMPHIS, AR-- Four children were sent to the hospital this morning after a 5 year old student passed out prescription anti-depressant's to them this morning at school. Police in West Memphis got a call this morning around 8:30 from the Avondale Elementary School in West Memphis where a 5 year old student brought prescription pills to school and was passing them out to students saying they were candy. 

3 children, who ingested the pills, were taken to Le Boneur Children's Hospital in Memphis; they are in non critical stable condition. Another child who bit into the pill but spit it out was taken Crittenden Memorial Hospital. All are expected to be released by the end of the Wednesday.

The West Memphis Police Department along with Department of Human Services will be investigating the household. But aren't expecting to press charges against the 5 year old or his mother. A case like this serves as a reminder to parents who leave prescriptions lying around the house.

"The family and the parents need to realize that they need to keep these pills out of the hands of these children by putting them up with lock proof caps putting them up higher in the house where the kids can't get to them. And if they are older pills that you no longer take destroy them where they are not just sitting around for kids to get a hold of," said Inspector Billy Sanders of the West Memphis Police Department.

It is believed that the pills the children took expired in 2002 and were used to treat schizophrenia.