If It's Online...It's Available

January 26, 2006 – Posted at 5:42 p.m. CST

JONESBORO, AR – The internet is a great tool for finding a job, looking for love or a resource for information on any topic. But all this data could be a double edged sword.  For everything that we put out there on the web... it's personal knowledge that's available to anyone. When there is a price on everything...there is sure to be a buyer.

Finding out information on just about anyone can be only a few keystrokes away on the internet...but for a price you can learn even more. Locatecell.com promises phone records and numbers for cellular and land lines for the right price. It's just one website folks are using to gather intel...and some can even pinpoint an exact location.

"There are certainly plenty of websites that sell information that is available through public means and probably some sights that sell information that the consumer didn't realize would not be kept private," said Sgt. Stephen McDaniel of the Jonesboro Police Department.

The JPD uses law enforcement only sites to gather information for their cases, but much of what they find is considered public data. With the popularity of personal websites like myspace.com and resume builders such as monster.com....personal information can be easily accessed.

"If you give out your personal information to whatever company, you need to check with that company and make sure you know how that information is being used," said McDaniel.

Obtaining information can be expensive, some sites charge for finding the initial data. But if you want more details, you'll have to pay more and it's not always guaranteed to be accurate.