1st Class Golf Course Coming to Wynne

January 27, 2006 -- Posted at 6:00 p.m. CST


WYNNE, AR -- A first class golf resort is coming to Region 8.  The Village Creek State Park in Wynne will play host to a 27 hole, 120 room facility that features a restaurant and convention center.


The state will not have to foot the entire bill for this new golf course.  “The state park system is actually going to construct the golf course which is about 7 million dollars.  The LLC Corporation is going to come up with the other 20 million dollars to develop the lodge and convention center complex,” said Village Creek State Park Superintendent Mike Brawner.


While a golf course like this one will be great to bring in visitors to the community, it will also bring in 150 jobs.


“It's obviously going to have a big potential increase in revenues for the county and eastern Arkansas in general,” said Brawner.


The golf course at Village Creek State Park will feature 27 holes for golfers to enjoy.


Work on the golf course is already underway.  The first 18 holes should be finished by September of 2006.  The remaining holes and the lodge should be completed by July of 2007.