More Than 100 Called for Lay, Skilling Jury Panel

January 29, 2006 - Posted at 4:17 p.m. CST

HOUSTON (AP) _ More than 100 potential jurors are to report to a

federal courtroom in Houston tomorrow in the first stage of the

trial of Enron founder Kenneth Lay and former C.E.O. Jeffrey


Jury selection begins four years after Enron collapsed in one of

the biggest scandals in U-S corporate history. The crash left

thousands jobless and slammed Wall Street with billions of

dollars in losses.

Skilling faces 31 counts of fraud, conspiracy, insider trading

and lying to auditors about Enron's financial state before the

company crashed.

Lay faces seven counts of fraud and conspiracy for allegedly

perpetuating the scheme after Skilling resigned in August 2001.

Both have pleaded innocent.

U-S District Judge Sim Lake has told attorneys he expects a

panel to be seated by day's end.

The judge twice shot down defense attempts to move the trial.

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