Offbeat: Long Time Barber

January 30, 2006---Posted at 8:00 a.m.  CST

TRUMANN, AR--Perry Sims Barber Shop in Trumann has been open for a very long time.  Sims has been cutting hair at 716 Raceway Street for 50 years.

Sims first set up shop in 1956 and hasn't moved since.  He says there's only been one rough spot, back in the 1970's, when long hair was the style and business was slow, but he survived.  Little has changed in his two chair shop, including the flooring he installed back in the 1960's and an old rotary style phone on the wall.  Sims says if it's worked for so many years, why change now.

As far as how long Sims will continue snipping and clipping, he says as long as his legs hold up and his hands keep steady he'll keep the shop open for business.