ASU Phasing out "Flex" Card Plan for Students

Januray 30, 2006 -- Posted at 5:57 p.m. CST 


JONESBORO, AR -- Arkansas State University is phasing out their “flex” card plan for students.


The plan allows students to use these dollars at the dining hall and make food purchases at the campus convenience store and at fast food restaurants inside the Student Union.


For the past few years students could get a $995 “flex” plan instead of getting a traditional meal plan.


Now students will not have that option.


The solid “flex” plan is being phased out and while students will still have the option of getting flex dollars they will first have to purchase a meal plan.


“It will still be available but it will be a tag on to plans that we have,” said Craig Johnson, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs at ASU.


Officials at ASU say changing the meal plan will help students financially but many of the students don’t feel the same way.


“It's kind of taken away my freedom and a little bit of my time.  I have a very busy schedule because I work and I go to school.  Sometimes I don’t have the time to actually come in and sit down and eat in the cafeteria, and we don’t have the option of taking the food with us,” said Student Rian Snell.


“People get tired of eating in the cafeteria everyday and they can also use it to buy food out in the food court,” said Student Larachel Williams.


Officials with ASU say the “flex” plan will be phased out for economic reasons.  Primarily because many students have a large amount left in their “flex” accounts at the end of the year that they either spend all at once at the campus store or lose.


“The decision was made to change the ‘flex’ plan because it was no longer an economic plan,” said Johnson.


This leaves the cafeteria as the students only food option.


Next year students at ASU will have the option of having a five-day plan with 100 flex dollars and a 7 day plan with either 50 or 200 flex dollars.