Bono Search For New Police Chief

January 30, 2006--Posted at 6:00 p.m. CST

BONO, AR--A town without a police chief continues its search to fill the position, for the last couple of weeks, the town of Bono has pulled its resources together to cover the vacancy in its Police Chiefs' position. Just an empty chair, that's all you'll see when you enter the Bono Police Chief's office following the resignation of former Chief Rick Duhon after he was charge with first degree sexual assault involving a teen age girl.

"Right now we are taking applications to see who all is interested and then a police committee will go through the applications to pick out who is the best man for the job," said Bono Mayor L.M. Duncan.

The town has posted the job opening in the Jonesboro Sun in addition to the Arkansas Municipal League's publication. The city wants someone who is certified in addition to someone who fits the town's mold.

"We're looking at someone who can get along with people since we are a small town everybody mingles around and knows each other," said Duncan.

Currently the town is getting by using the remaining two full time patrolmen. Despite the smaller staff the department isn't expecting to have to ask for additional help from nearby law enforcement agencies.

"I have got some feedback from people saying what is the county (Craighead County Sheriffs) doing out here? We have our own police department, Bono wants to take care of Bono, that is the way to put it," said acting Police Chief Jim Matha.

In the interim the town of Bono has implemented two of their reserve patrolmen, in addition people from across the town have helped out with day to day activities. Despite all the help the police department has received they are still feeling the stress.

"It's not just the stress of the situation that occurred, it's also the stress of their being a two man force and putting in an 84 hour week," said Matha.

Even though the Bono Police force is currently down a man they don't expect a major drop off in service.

"We'll be there, you may have to call us, we might not be driving through your neighborhood as often, but we'll be there," said Matha.

The mayor says he hopes to have someone in place by the end of February. The city plans to pay the new police chief 27,000 dollars a year. The mayor says he has already received 3 applications for the job so far.