Security Stepped Up for Trumann Stabbing Suspect's Hearing

Posted at 10:00 PM January 30, 2006, updated at 7:43 a.m. on Jan. 31

TRUMANN, AR - Security was tight at the Trumann Police Department Monday afternoon. The extra security came from the extra tension over the arrest of Charles Lee Jones of Trumann. He's accused of killing another Trumann resident, 33 year-old Arlen Campbell, Jr., and wounding another man from Denver, Colorado.  Police Chief Larry Blagg says threats were made from several parties concerning Jones' probable cause hearing.

But nothing happened in Jones' first court appearence. His lawyer was late so the bond hearing will now be Wednesday.

What was learned on Monday: the fatal stabbing took place in a parking lot on Highway 463 South in Trumann, just after midnight Saturday morning.  Police have a murder scene, but still no murder weapon.