Remembering Coretta Scott King

January 31, 2006 -- Posted at 4:29 p.m. CST


JONESBORO, AR -- Coretta Scott King -- the widow of slain Civil Rights Leader Martin Luther King junior is being remembered.


King died in her sleep Monday night at the age of 78.


Region 8 leaders say that King was instrumental in keeping the Civil Rights Movement alive after her husband’s death.


“She saw and she knew the vision and that was important so she built on the foundation that had already been started,” said Reverend Ray Scales.


King not only worked to raise her four children, but to continue pursuing the dream for equality in our nation.

”Hopefully someone else will pick up that mantel and move on with it.  As of right now we've lost a tremendous symbol of commitment,” said Historian Calvin Smith.


A commitment she felt was necessary to continue.


“Most people focused on Doctor King, but we know that Mrs. King was right by his side, not behind him,” said Sonja Williams.


“He went through some ‘difficult days’ as he said, and yet she was right there whether he was in jail or out there marching.  Where ever he was she was,” said Smith.


Local leaders say that King will also be remembered for her strength and courage.


“To step into his shoes is a very difficult task for anyone, but she did the best that she could and she did it somewhat successfully,” said Smith.


“I think that people will come to realize how much of an effect that she had on the civil rights movement,” said Williams.