American Legion National Commander Visits Blytheville to Rally Support

January 31, 2006- Posted at 4:30 p.m. CST

Blytheville, AR - American Legion, Post 24 in Blytheville, was honored today with a special guest speaker. American Legion National Commander, Tom Bock. Commander Bock is traveling the country to bring all American Legions together for support.
Commander Bock says this is a hard time for our nation and it's veterans, and they need to ban together to show how strong and big their group really is. in 2005, Congress underbudgeted the V.A. by one-and-a-half billion dollars, cutting short veterans healthcare benefits.
"The American Legion is the largest veterans organization, with 2.7 million active members. So we're a big group, you can't forget about us. We've got to take care of our veterans before, during, and after the war."
Commander Bock met with the President two weeks ago to discuss the issues veterans are facing with Congress right now. The main topic, healthcare benefits. He hopes he will address these issues in tonight's State of the Union Address.
The American Legion is trying to revamp their population and bring in some young members.
"We're all going to die someday, we need someone to keep this organization going, and it's the young men and women coming out of Iraq that are going to do it for us. Right now, we have a lot of Vietnam veterans joining, and we're so pleased about that."