Transferring From One College to the Next is Getting Easier

February 1, 2006 - Posted at 4:00 p.m. CST

Jonesboro, AR - There's nothing worse than paying for a class and finishing with a good grade, and it not transferring to another school. Many students in Arkansas attend 2-year colleges and then finish up at a 4-year university. When doing so, keeping all of those credit hours can be a hassle, sometimes impossible. But that's about to change.
The Arkansas Department of Higher Education has heard the cry of students and is changing the transfer guidelines. The department is asking college and university faculty to join 19 different committes and begin the changes this spring.
Dr. Rick McDaniel, the Senior Associate Vice Chancelor for Academic Affairs at ASU, is on one of those committees. He says they've been working on making changes for two years now, even before the state mandate.
"Arkansas State has never had a huge problem with classes transferring, but we know that other schools do, so we all want to be on an equal level."
With the new outline of transferring core classes, Dr. McDaniel says it will be wonderful for all students, and the state of Arkansas.
"What we're doing is building a matrix, so that when we're done students can say, 'I'm at this college, I've taken these courses, and at these universities, I know these credits will transfer."
In the past many students attending 2-year colleges were told it was best to graduate with an Associate's Degree to insure all credits would transfer. But with the new system that won't be the case.