Study Measures Jonesboro Quality of Life

February 2, 2006 - 3:45 pm CST

JONESBORO--After handing out copies of the 2006 Quality of Life Survey to city leaders including Mayor Doug Formon and others, Arkansas State Universities Center for Social Research has made available the report to the general public.

The report is 9 pages long and discusses key issues affecting the city of Jonesboro . Researchers behind the study say they were interested to see the subtle changes occurring over the past three years when it comes to hot button topics like if the city should be wet or dry.

There are also some new concerns for the city as a one cent tax could be voted on within the year. Higher gas prices could also be a reason more people seem to be concerned about walkways and bikeways being positioned around the city.

You may read the complete report here. (pdf format)