Governor Revises View on Mandated Spending of School Budgets

FEBRUARY 2, 2006 - Posted at 4:26 p.m. CST

JEFFERSON CITY, MO - Governor Blunt steps back a bit from his call for mandating that school districts spend 65 percent of their money on student instruction.

While the governor still favors a mandate, he now says establishing a target would also be acceptable.

Blunt commented after Republican Senator Rob Mayer filed legislation establishing a 66 percent target for school districts.  A similar bill has also been filed in the House.

Both measures would refer the issue to a statewide vote in November.

Mayer's legislation also expands the definition of student instruction to include libraries and guidance counselors, something about which Blunt had previously expressed an openness.

Blunt says he believes a target can still be effective in driving more dollars toward the classroom.

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