Offbeat: Hamster Sized Hoopster

February 3, 2006--Posted at 12:30 p.m.  CST

PARAGOULD, AR--He's just 29 months old, but shoots hoops like Michael Jordan.  His name is Wil Archer and you might want to remember it, because he's likely to be a superstar one day.

Tommy Archer, Wil's dad, says his son has always been fascinated with balls, even when he was just weeks old.  And as a baby,Wil wouldn't even eat unless he could see his dad shooting the basketball.  He eventually started shooting while on his back then once he could walk, there was no stopping him.

Archer says Wil wakes up, wants something to eat and drink, then it's time to play ball, pretty much all day and night.  And at just 2 1/2 years old, he's a real swish sensation.  He hardly ever misses and dribbles better than most 8 year olds.

As far as whether or not he'll play in the NBA one day, his dad says only time will tell and adds that he won't push him, he'll just let his game speak for itself.