Craighead County Landfill Update

February 3, 2006--Posted at 11:00 pm
JONESBORO--  In August 2005, the city's landfill on Strawfloor was closed, and the Craighead County Landfill took on the wastestream.
A six million dollar bond was approved to merge city and county waste by expanding the county's existing landfill...
We visited the disposal authority office today for an update on the progress... Here's a look at the additions planned for the county landfill...
"The project includes paved roads, probably about a mile and a half... We're going to have a large building for residents to bring their household trash. Then we're going to have an office building built out here and the scale complex," Craighead County Waste Authority Executive Director Guy Enchelmayer says.
"Nothing moves as fast as you'd like it to, but there's really good progress being made," Enchelmayer says.
The additions to the 400 acre county landfill, located about six miles from the bypass on Hwy. One South are expected to be complete by September, and although local traffic has already started coming in...
"We're just not prepared for taking residential type traffic," Enchelmayer says.
He says residential and small business traffic should still come to the Strawfloor Drive location.
They have a designated building for that type of waste. After it's dumped, the county will transport it to the new site.
Also, additional preparations were made with an approval to buy property on the outskirts of the new landfill.
Enchelmayer says the purchase of that property will allow them to prevent similar situations like that of the Strawfloor location where he says neighbors' complaints forced their closure.
"This is designed to make us better neighbors for our neighborhood that we're in, and also to give longterm protection for this landfill," Enchelmayer says.
He says careful preparation will allow them to prevent problems with excessive methane gas, which was also a concern at the previous site.
The new landfill, he says, will not only accommodate the volume of waste in the county but the customers they serve.
"This landfill is a very valuable resource to Craighead County that should serve this county for hundreds of years." Enchelmayer says.