Parade Kicks off Black History Month

JONESBORO, AR -- Arkansas State University students, staff, and some area legislators helped kick off Black History Month Saturday morning in Jonesboro.


Parade participants braved the cold temperatures to march down the center of town in a sign of unity.


“We are celebrating Black History Month.  We are kicking off the month with our Black History Month parade.  This is just an opportunity for people to be aware that Black History Month is going on,” said Jerrod Lockhart of ASU.


Participants in the parade have their own reasons to march. 


“We're celebrating several years of hard work that a lot of African American citizens and Caucasians have fought long and hard just so we could have this month,” said ASU Student Tiffany Frazier.


“I think it's important because we're showing the Jonesboro community that we really care about our heritage and our history,” said ASU Student Tamika Keener.


What do marches like this one say about the community we live in?   


“This march shows that hard work can pay off.  I'm not sure that any other city is doing this march.  I know many cities do the Martin Luther King march, but I haven't heard of one doing a Black History Month march,” said Frazier.


After participating in a march for Black History Month, students at ASU gathered at the library rotunda to celebrate a unity rally.  


“It just brings ASU together as a whole.  It really helps unite everyone, Caucasian or African American,” said ASU Student Christopher Hyman.


“It's not a race thing, it's not a black thing, it's not a white thing.  It's a coming together. It's unity.  It’s fellowship.  It's togetherness,” said Lockhart.


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