Man Accused of Kidnapping Children Says He'd Rather Die Than Reveal Secrets

February 5, 2006 - Posted at 2:50 p.m. CST

INDEPENDENCE, Mo. (AP) _ The jailhouse conversations of a man

charged with kidnapping his two children reveal he'd rather die

than tell authorities and his ex-wife what he did with them.

The trial of Daniel Porter starts Tuesday in Jackson County.

Authorities don't know if his children, seven-year-old Sam and

eight-year-old Lindsey, are alive.

The Kansas City Star reports today that in taped conversations

with his relatives, Porter says the more he's pressured to talk,

the less he'll tell authorities about what he did. He also says he

planned for at least a month to take the children, and that he

expects to be found guilty.

Jackson County prosecutors are declining to comment on the taped


Jury selection continues on Monday. If convicted, Porter faces

nearly 40 years in prison.

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