Lieutenant Governor Facing Job of Lifetime

FEBRUARY 6, 2006 - Posted at 9:04 a.m. CST

SEATTLE (AP) - Arkansas Lt. Governor Win Rockefeller says he has no qualms about his decision last summer to leave the race to become governor.  He said it was a clear choice, continue the race and be dead in 18 months, or go to Seattle, Washington, for a bone-marrow transplant and live a long life.

Rockefeller says that, these days, his job is to stay alive.

Rockefeller had the bone-marrow transplant in September and was hoping to return to Arkansas in March, but learned last week that he will need another transplant.  The procedure involves replacing the patient's bone marrow with healthy marrow from a donor.

Last time, Rockefeller waited nearly two months for a donor.  This time, he hopes for the transplant within a month.  After that, he would have to spend about 100 days in recovery before doctors give him the okay to go home.

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