Computers and Networking FAQs

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QUESTION: My computer crashed and I had to reload my windows 98 second edition and I lost all my pictures and videos. Can you tell my how to get them back? Thanks!!!!

ANSWER: Based on the information you are giving me, there is no way to get it back. If you lost it then you must have reformatted the C:\ drive and loaded Windows 98 clean. This is usually the best way to reload, the only catch is, the data needs to have been backed up to CD, DVD, and external hard drive, etc... The best backup solution is an external hard drive.

QUESTION: My friend told me that I needed to make recovery CDs. I looked in the instruction manual and found how to do that. The page turned, and instead of creating recovery CDs, I did system restore. It restored my computer to the day I bought it. It erased all the memory. Is there anyway to get that memory back?

ANSWER: No. unfortunately if you did not have the data backed up it is gone.

QUESTION: I have a Gateway GP7733se system, and I use windows 98. I recently lost the use of my printer and speakers. Looked in accessories system and found a yellow question mark for sound and printer. Checked the speakers and they work on another computer. Why did I lose the use of my printer BJC2100 and it is not located on the list anymore.

ANSWER : Try reinstalling the printer from scratch.

QUESTION: I am having problems when trying to connect to my e-mail. The error message is as follows: the connection to server has failed. Account:'cen42610' server: ', protocol: pop3, port:110, Secure (SSL); No socket error: 10061, Error# OX800CC0E What can I do? Please e-mail to a friend so I may receive this message@ .

ANSWER: This is most likely a problem with your Internet Service Provider (ISP). You are not connecting to them correctly.

QUESTION: How do you place a photo in the body of an email instead of as an attachment that has to be opened one at a time? I am attaching the photo by clicking on the photo and sending to mail recipient.

ANSWER: You need to open up a new e-mail and then select "insert" pull down menu then select picture. Browse to the picture you want to insert and it's there.

QUESTION: How can I set the default directory in Windows Explorer?

ANSWER: Set Windows Explorer's default startup folder By default, Windows Explorer always opens with My Documents. You can customize it by changing the properties for the Windows Explorer icon and replace the Target field with: %SystemRoot%\explorer.exe /e, c:\yourfolder Right click on the icon you use to launch Explorer and select Properties. In the Target box, type (or replace the existing text with) the following: %SystemRoot%\Explorer.exe /e, path Where in place of path above you should enter the actual path to the directory you want open by default. For example C:\Windows, or C:\Documents and Settings, etc. To have My Computer listed as the default selection, type explorer.exe /e,

QUESTION: Whenever I turn on my computer I receive the message "Primary Hard Disk Drive 0 not found", What could be a cause and solution for this problem.

ANSWER: Most likely, you need to replace the hard drive, because the hard drive controller has failed.

QUESTION: I have a 3 month old hppavilliona809rs computer which runs fine but doesn't want to shut off except if you hold the button in on the processor. Why?

ANSWER: You have to hold the power button down for about 7 seconds. This is because the computer bios are setup this way.

QUESTION: How do I clear "history" in using the google search mode? It "remembers" and prompts me on sites & subjects I'd like to forget!

ANSWER: In your Google toolbar, click on the down-arrow next to the word Google, and go to options. The setting is here.  You can buy software that will clean all history on your computer for you or you can search the Internet on how to do this, here's one good article that speaks to this question...

QUESTION: My computer is a Dell. I just recently had it worked on because I had 17 viruses and 85 pieces of spy ware on it. Since I had that done and had an updated virus protector installed is it safe to open up emails that have been forwarded to me from friends or family, because I have been deleting them to keep bugs from getting back into my computer.

ANSWER: It is fairly safe to open these as long as you know who sent you the e-mail and your have the latest virus definitions downloaded. But is will not be 100% safe.

QUESTION: I have a computer in the family room and one in my daughter's room. I set up a small home network on both computers (which are connected through a network hub) & was able to share documents from the family room to my daughter's room. I am not able to share documents back to the main computer, however. I keep getting a message that I don't have permission & must contact the supervisor. What can I do to remedy this problem? My daughter's computer will not even show up on the network group or on network places.

ANSWER: It is most likely caused by a Firewall software. If either computer has Windows XP, then try disabling the Firewall. If it's not the Firewall or Norton Internet Security or any software firewall like that, then it could be a security rights issue with Windows. It all depends on which version of Windows you are running as to how easy or how hard it is to share files between them. Of course, your TCP/IP configuration has to be right as well.