ASU Newport Offers Unique Training

February 7, 2006 - Posted at 10:45 a.m. CST

Newport, AR -- High Voltage Linemen are in big demand right now, and there's only one training facility in the state and it's ASU Newport.
The course offers instruction and hands-on experience working with high voltage power lines. The students do not work with live wires, but they do have internships and work with the Electric Coop. for experience. Their days consist of learning how to climb poles, safety measures, and operating bucket trucks.
Chris Cox, a student at ASU Newport, was kind enough to hoist me up in the bucket truck, and I say, more power to them. They are braver than I am for doing it everyday.
They not only specialize in high voltage, but they also have a great truck driving program. In 2000, one in fourteen jobs were employeed by trucking. Training includes a shifting simulator (helps students learn how to use the clutch), getting out on the training course, and driving with experienced drivers.
If you would like more information about these programs you can log onto their website at Or email Larry Davis at