Technology Keeps Parents Click Away from Children

February 9, 2005--Posted at 4:15 pm CST

Jonesboro, AR--It’s one of those things we may look back after fifteen years and wonder how we ever went through life without it.  Small cameras watching each and every move our child makes while away from home.  It seems like something from the future but it isn’t, it is something now happening right here in Region 8.


The Little Star Learning Center of Jonesboro now has a mini camera located in each room.  While having cameras in each room isn’t anything new, the people who have access to the camera certainly are new.  Every parent who has a child at the daycare center along with internet access can view their child at anytime throughout the day.  The cameras beam over the World Wide Web an image every ten seconds to servers.  All the parent has to do is log on.


‘It was so hard to leave my little two year old,’ Michael Dephrow says.  ‘This technology is really giving us the peace of mind to get through the day.’


The technology is simple to use and fully controllable by the owner.  He can select what each parent can view and even stores all the information on servers for up to two weeks.  If a parent needs something documented owner Rion Carpadakis can burn any images to CD or even e-mail them to the parents.


For more information on how you can have your child just a mouse click away you can contact the Little Star Learning Center at their webpage at