Region 8 Girl Expelled for Having Prescription Medication

February 10, 2006 – Posted at 2:39 p.m. CST

BROOKLAND, AR -- A Region 8 father is upset after his high school daughter is expelled for having her prescription medicine at school. But the Brookland High School says they are just following policy.

"All prescription medication is prohibited unless it is checked in at the nurse's office. Parents are required to bring it in, check it in," said high school principal Steven Hovis.

That's the policy for student's having or taking prescription medication at the Brookland High School.

When Thurman Thompson's daughter was found to have her blood pressure medication in her purse, which she takes twice a day, she was suspended for 10 days.

"If she had of dropped it somewhere or had it stolen it could have been dangerous. But we can't go on what could've happened. We have to go with each time what happens," said Thompson.

But the school suggests that the punishment could have been worse.

"The handbook describes a recommendation for expulsion. The student can be expelled for one full semester," said Hovis.

All students are given a handbook with Brookland school rules and regulations on their first day of class.

"Within a week they are to have read the handbook. at that time they bring it back and a parent/student page that has both the parent and the student signature on the page stating that they've read and understand the rules," said Hovis.

The policy states that no student shall possess any prescribed medication without notification to school authorities.

Thompson doesn't believe the punishment fits the crime.

"What we're concerned about is the parents need to know. They need to know what their schools doing," said Thompson.

Thompson's daughter has been on the medicine since she was ten and he says the school was informed about her health. He says the only reason she has it was because she was coming to stay at his house for three days, and didn't want to forget it.