Horse's Mouth Career Day

February 10, 2006--Posted at 5:20 p.m. CST

BLYTHEVILLE, AR--It's not quite as good as a snow day but a number of students from Region 8 enjoyed what they consider a close second to a snow day, a field trip. 
"I love them, no doubt about it, I love field trips," said student Dustin Rigsby.

Students put down the pens and paper today and jumped on a bus for the Horse's Mouth Career Day atArkansas Northeastern College.

"It's real difficult to take 300 kids around to different industries so we wanted to host something here," said Courtney Fisher, Education Talent Search Advisor.

It's called Horses Mouth because the students learned about various jobs directly from the professionals in this area.

"It's good for kids in our area because there are so many careers out there they just may not have heard about yet," said Fisher.

"I think this program is good for the people who don't know what they want to be so they can come hear what people succeeded at," said student Britton Wilson.

Over 300 6th, 7th, and 8th graders from Northeast Arkansas and Southeast Missouri came out to the career day. While there were not many who were interested in journalism it still served as an excellent opportunity for them to find out about other career paths.

"I already know what I want to be for a fact, I want to be a doctor," said Rigsby.

Even those these kids are still a couple years away from graduation it's important to give them early knowledge about what's out there.

"Beginning in 9th grade they get to start selecting their course work, so as they are in the 7th and 8th grades they need to again start looking towards careers and lay the foundation," said June Walters, Vice President of Student Service at Arkansas Northeastern College.

In addition the speakers passed on real world advice to the workforce of tomorrow.

"I learned that it doesn't matter what you do in life to succeed you have to have an education," said student Timmy Masters Jr.

"What we also talked about was how to achieve your goals," said Rigsby.

Good advice that one day these students will pass on to the next generation.