Snow Slows Business at the Malco

February 10, 2006--Posted at 11:00 pm
JONESBORO-- The snowfall started this morning putting everyone in a rush to pick up their kids from school or make it home before the roads were covered in white.
Even at the Malco where cars usually line the parking lot on a typical Friday night, it was unusually quiet...

((sareece thompson: "About this time we've only sold about 60 tickets and by this time we've normally sold about 200," Malco Floor Manager Sareece Thompson says.

And for concession worker Andrew Brown, from the first snowflake, the emptiness was expected...

"People in Jonesboro hardly see snow so they see it outside and they're like what's that? So, they don't leave their homes. It's pretty slow," Andrew Brown says.

Except for the customers who decided to take advantage of the snowday.

"We were just sitting at home board and decided to go to the movie and here we are," a customer says.

"The lines are short, you get get good popcorn and the theatre's not crowded ... And the kids wanted to come," another customer says.

Workers at the Malco say it is a quiet night at the movies...

"We've just been cleaning and twiddling our thumbs mostly," Brown says.

But after the snow has come and gone, the show will go on... Until then...
"Be safe kids," Brown says.