Arkansas Village Has '11th Commandment': No Yard Signs

February 11, 2006 - Posted at 12:52 p.m. CST

LOST BRIDGE VILLAGE, Ark. (AP) _ After posting the Ten

Commandments in his yard, Lost Bridge Village resident Dean Pride

discovered his town has an 11th one: No yard signs.

Pride says he simply was trying to discourage burglars after

some of his neighbors' houses were broken into. His sign underlined

the commandment ``thou shall not steal.''

A Buddhist, Pride says the idea of the sign was his partner's,

who is a Christian.

After posting the sign last August, Pride recently received a

letter from the village's property owners association informing him

of complaints about the sign and outlining the covenant on signs.

Steve Herwig, president of the Lost Bridge Village Board of

Trustees, says the board allows professional security signs, real

estate and construction signs, house number signs, and temporary

directional signs for garage sales, parties, open houses, political

campaigns or other events.

Herwig says Pride can appeal to the board.

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