Rice Reiterates View That Syria and Iran Encouraging Muslim Violence

February 12, 2006 - Posted at 1:04 p.m. CST

WASHINGTON (AP) _ Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is again

calling on Muslim leaders to take a stand against protests over

drawings of the Prophet Muhammad.

Rice tells A-B-C's ``This Week'' that Iran and Syria have been

inflaming sentiments over the cartoons, which first appeared in a

Danish newspaper four months ago. She says Iran could have urged

people to turn away from violence. Instead, she said Tehran has

only made more threats.

Earlier today, Iran denied U-S and Danish accusations that its

government had encouraged protests that targeted Western embassies

in Tehran.

Rice responded that little happens in the tightly controlled

nation without a government O-K.

A spokesman for Iran's Foreign Ministry is demanding that U-S

and Danish officials apologize for their accusations.

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