Offbeat: Sign Painter

February 13, 2006--Posted at 8:00 a.m. CST

JONESBORO--Don Watkins has hand painted signs for 30 years and says it's an art form function that's slowing dieing away.

Signs by Don, that's his business and he's painted water towers and gym floors all over region 8.  The bulk of his business these days is window painting, and this time of year, that means Valentine's windows at local restaraunts.

"I saw a drunk woman do it once, so I fugured if a drunk woman could do it, then I could probably do it sober," said Don about how he got started. He says he loves his job and can't see how anyone can work at a job they don't love.

As for when he'll retire, Don said, "When you quit you die, so I guess I'll have to die to quit."