Mall at Turtle Creek Tour

February 14, 2006--Posted at 11:00 pm
JONESBORO-- It's only six weeks until shopping season officially begins in Jonesboro with the opening of the Mall at Turtle Creek.
It's the only mall opening this year in the United States... A design Developer Bruce Burrow says is cutting edge.
K-8 news took the first look at the mall as it takes shape for opening day.
700 thousand square feet... More than 70 stores... Almost a half a mile long... But the Mall at Turtle Creek has more than size, its got style.
"It's a contemporary design that we've come up with, incorporating mall concept with lifestyle centers. You'll see a lot of hard surfaces with marble and tile, carpeted areas, overstuffed seating areas... Just a sense of place," Developer Bruce Burrow says.
Before the stores, came a unique architectural plan which Burrow says will make shopping a pleasant experience.
A curvature of the existing corridor adds ambiance to the space along with natural lighting that brings the outside, in.
"We put the skylights on the side rather than the ceiling. It gives a real open air, mainstream feel," Burrow says.
The corridors are an extra 7 feet wide which creates a little depth throughout the space and draws more attention to the storefronts.
"We did that so we could pull the storefronts out and get a little ambiance, an aesthetic look rather than just a static looking flat wall," Burrow says.
He says the mall is a unique concept with anchor stores like Target in which you wouldn't normally see in a mall venue.
"We were able to line our jr. Anchors along the front of the mall. We have mall entrances and then for these anchor stores, we have entrances into the mall," Burrow says.
And on the east end, a new age Dillard's so secret that we can't even show you what's inside.
"The food court is really the center attraction of the mall. It's right in the center of the whole complex," Burrow says.
With enough seating for 4-5 hundred people, you can chow down on a sub, a cookie or cone... Or just watch the people go by.
Bottom line, whether your spending money or just spending time, the Mall at Turtle Creek will provide a place to do both.

The grand opening for the Mall at Turtle Creek is set for March 29.