Traveling Tour Helps Answer Medicare Questions

February 15, 2006--Posted at 5:00 pm CST

Jonesboro, AR--Its two guys on a mission to help you understand what’s going on with Medicare, and they’re doing it one Wal-Mart at a time.  Ted Hackney and Harold Mclean work for Humana Mobile Medicare and are traveling the county with nine other RV’s trying to help senior citizens understand changes made to the health and prescription drug plans.


‘It is important you come in and get your questions answered if you have any right now.’ Hackney says.  ‘We were busy last month and while things have slowed now we expect to be getting a lot busier closer to May 15.’


The reason they are needed is due to Medicare undergoing its largest overhaul in the forty year history of the program.  The guys shared stories of large savings people are seeing on their monthly spending on medicines, but added there are also many people still not fully understanding what is going on.


If you are having difficulties figuring out changes in your Medicare plan you can find the Humana Medicare Representatives will be at the Highland Wal-Mart until Friday the fifteenth of February from 8-3.  They will then move to the Parker Wal-Mart for the weekend and next week will begin touring many Wal-Marts around the area including stops in Paragould and Ash Flat.