New Vitamin Designed for African-Americans, Hispanics

February 15, 2006 – Posted at 4:39 p.m. CST

JONESBORO, AR -- Medical researchers at the Mayo Clinic found 100% of African-Americans and Hispanics in their study had deficient levels of Vitamin D... which is related to lower calcium absorption. A Jonesboro man is involved in the marketing of a new vitamin that doctors hope will change that.

You could call them equal-opportunity vitamins and supplements...but the Gen-Spec line is more of a genetically specific type of health care.

"We started working with doctors and started reviewing the research that's already available on the market and formulated a new vitamin that addresses all of the metabolic needs of the different races," said Jay Scholtens.

Gen-Spec is the first vitamin on the market formulated towards Hispanics and African Americans. Both races have trouble absorbing Vitamin D.

"We have the first dual language bottle that we know of on the market and that's not just in the United States. We've gone into major retailers in Puerto Rico and we were surprised to find out that was not a word of Spanish on the vitamin bottles," said Scholtens.

Currently the vitamin is available through the Gen-Spec website and can be ordered off their 1-800 number, but should be on store shelves by early March.

"No matter what your race is, I think there are certain ailments that you can have because of genetics. We have done the research to address those issues and we like to consider our vitamin as almost a super vitamin and that it has an abundance of vitamins necessary to live a healthy life," said Scholtens.

The vitamin does have a local was a law school friend of Scholtens who came up with the idea.