What's Your "Amer I.Q."?

Posted at 10:00 PM Thursday February 16, 2006

Our first batch of guinea pigs was a government class at ASU. Eighteen  students, and their teacher, Dr. William McLean took a 50 question test.  The class not poli-sci majors, had an average score of 40-50 or 80%.

There were some interesting answers in our completely unscientific test. In what may have been a goof or a spoof, four out of eighteen didn't correctly answer how many states are in the union.

To give our US test a global feel  we found an ASU student who hails from half way around the world in Albania.  He got 43 out of 50 on the same test, better than nine of his American peirs.

It's time for your grades Region 8. Overall, we get a 'C'.   76% was the average score in our 12 question online quiz.

The hardest question on the mini quiz: Who was President during WW I? the answer, Woodrow Wilson. Two-thirds of you got it wrong.