Joiner Reinstates City Police Chief

February 16, 2005--Posted at 11:00 pm CST

JOINER-- The City of Joiner met tonight to decide the fate of the city's police chief.
Chief Anthony Smith was fired just two months after he returned home from fighting the war in Iraq.
Smith told the city he believed he was wrongfully terminated because of injuries he received in the war.
He asked the council to consider reinstating him or face a lawsuit.
In a council meeting held two weeks ago, the majority of the council decided to reinstate Smith.
But that vote was vetoed by the city's mayor.
Tonight mayor Kevin Love decided he would reconsider that decision.
It was a heated discussion, as Mayor Kevin Love came before the city council to renege his veto of the council's vote to reinstate Anthony Smith as Joiners police chief.
Mayor Love says it was legal advice that encouraged his decision.
Smith was reinstated on the same terms and salary that was in place when he was terminated from the position.
But he was discouraged by the councils' decision to deny his request for a $5 thousand compensation for was he says was a wrongful termination.
Smith says he will gladly take his job back as the city's police chief, but he will continue to consider legal action against the city for the compensation he believes he rightfully deserves.
But for Mayor Kevin Love, this is the end to a battle that he says nearly tore his council apart.
At this point, love hopes to concentrate on putting his city back together again.
Anthony Smith's pay was set for $3 hundred dollars a week.
The city claimed they could not afford to pay him anymore because of financial troubles.
The city says they will decide other terms of his employment at a later date.